Sachin tendulkar tried to help When Guru Greg was ” MENTALLY FRAGILE”

" Don't worry Greg everything will be alright"

So Greg Chappel is at it again. The man born with the “foot in the mouth disease” ,which also became “finger in the public” disease provisionally, has created another controversy. The former Australian Cricketer who was the most hated man in the streets of Calcutta once has referred master blaster Sachin Tendulkar as mentally fragile.

If in the state of mental fragility you can score a mountain of runs, if in the state of mental fragility you can give nightmares to the world’s greatest leg spinner, if in the state of mental fragility you can carry the burden of an entire nation for close to two decades and if in the state of mental fragility you can give 100 billion people hope and a great amount of happiness then I would like to be in such a mental state forever.

That these comments came at a time when his book “FIERCE FOCUS” is just out on stands obviously makes one wonder if this is a fierce ploy to focus people’s attention to his book. Whatever the reasons may be it would still be worth while to explore whatever made Mr. Chappel thinks that a man who left World Cup 99 midway because of his father’s death,came back and scored a century in the very next match is MENTALLY FRAGILE.

It was in 2006 when psychologist Chappel first thought Tendulkar was showing signs of being mentally fragile. He writes in his book “At one point early in my time with the (Indian) team he came and talked to me for about two hours. He was frustrated with his form and racked with self-doubt. Since he’d come back in Malaysia (in a one-day tournament in 2006), Sachin’s mental state had been surprisingly fragile and he came to me for help,” , apparently referring to a period when Tendulkar was struggling for form, besides also having surgery for tennis elbow. Point to be noted here is that Sachin spoke to Mr. Chappel for two hours. Its diifficult for any normal person to tolerate Guru Greg for two minutes and Sachin spoke to him for close to 120 minutes. No wonder the crazy Aussie thinks Sachin was mentally fragile.

Guru Greg further states that “When the team travelled, Sachin would snap on his headphones, not look sideways, and shut it all out” Damn. Are you kidding me?? Do you really think Sachin was doing it because he was mentally fragile. Mr Chappel I sometimes wonder what you did when you were coaching Indian team. I have a photograph of Sachin Tendulkar on his first Australian tour with earphones and a walkman. In fact any body on a street in India would tell you that Sachin Tendulkar likes listening to music to stay fresh and calm. They will also tell you that he likes Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Pink Floyd. But obviously you wouldn’t be knowing. Because rather then knowing cricketers you tried knowing journalists so that you can leak e-mails, because rather then creating bridges you created differences. So I will pardon you Sir. As they say “Ignorance is Bliss”. I doubt if its listening to music part or not looking sideways part that made you think Sachin was mentally fragile. Phew.

Anyways another thing which told Mr Chappel about brittleness in Tendulkar’s mind is “He just couldn’t get any rest. Once we were talking and I said, “You must have so many friends, it must be hard finding time to keep in touch with all of them’. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘Greg, you would have more friends in India than I’ve got”.

The key word here is “FRIENDS”. Chappel knew he has no friends in India. In fact the kind of crazy bloke that he is he may have no friends in Australia, Uk or for that matter any part of the world. So the moment Sachin used the F word ( No no.not that one I mean Friend) Chapelli knew something is wrong with Sachin. But Sir, you conviniently ignored the fact that Our sachin Bhaiyya is a very nice man. He has never said anything which can hurt people. The only time he hurts people is when he is batting. He just wanted to comfort YOU. He knew that you were worried with the kind of things which were happening to you like those of your posters being burnt and your house being pelted. He was aware that you were getting paranoid about all these things. He just wanted to make you feel better. You know why??? Because he thought you were MENTALLY FRAGILE and you can loose it any moment. And you did !!!!! Alas!!!


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