Match prediction BLK v HDFC BANK played at Hamdard ground on Saturday 22nd October

Corporate cricket 2011 by Raheja Developers

Corporate Cricket 2011, 2nd Raheja Cup 2011

In POOL B of Raheja cup T20 match HDFC BANKĀ meets BLK meets today on Hamdard cricket ground. The match schedule to begin at 3:30 local time. The prediction of the match from our cricketoracle are as under:

Date Oct 22, 2011 Saturday
Time (3.30) local time
Venue Hamdard
Pitch Prediction Good track
Weather Sunny
Toss HDFC BANK batting
Cricket Match Events HDFC BANK BLK
Total runs 175 155
Total wickets 7 10
Over played 20 18.1
Match winner HDFC BANK

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