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Fondly called Kiran sir is the head coach of Symbiosis International University and Bharti Vidyapeeth. He also has his own club to train young cricket talent. had a chance to interview him and talk to him about his vision for domestic cricket especially producing fast bowlers in India. His interview is below.

Here is the text translation of his interview.

Q: Good evening Sir, we will be speaking about the coaching induction program which is happening right now which is an initiative taken by Cricket Australia. So first tell me which team do you coach and you are based out of which place?

A: Good evening, I am a university coach for Symbiosis International University and Bharti Vidyapeeth, two of the leading universities in Pune. Simultaneously I have my own club from which I prepare boys from the age of 8 to 22 years. Generally I concentrate on their skill, fitness, their diet habits and everything. I totally prohibit boys from having Pizza’s, Vada Pao and everything. They are under strict diet control. I ask them to take eggs and milk as much as possible.

Q: So you concentrate on their fitness and diet is one of the biggest things. So there is no junk food in your diet?

A: I tell them to eat as many green vegetables, eggs, milk and so on.

Q: Recently India suffered a huge loss in England, they were not able to play short pitch balls and bowlers lacked fitness and there was no bowler who could ball 140 plus km per hour continuously for five days at a stretch.

A: No, the reason is a little bit different. They are overstressed with tournaments. They should play selected tournaments only; even BCCI should give more chances to youngsters rather than prized players. So these prized players will be taking rest and new players will be groomed. This is the idea I have in my mind. If you observe the time table of Dhoni and other players, they hardly get seven to eight days at their home. So there is home sickness and over strain which kind of hampers their efficiency or skill in their game. It is not that they played very bad; they are definitely playing very good against Australia and against many other teams. But England took rest while IPL was going on and we didn’t take rest.

Q: They were the fresher team; they were more prepared you can say?
A: Correct, because focus should be on national cricket not commercial cricket.

Q: Exactly and as it is they are losing on that point.
A: Yes, correct. Very much loosing on that point.

Q: India has not yet produced bowlers like Kapil Dev. Now we have Zaheer Khan but I think after Zaheer, Ishant Sharma is not able to take the load, but he was a very good prospect. How is the induction program beneficial to train these young cricketers for fast bowling?

A: This program is very good in multiple aspects. The only thing is inertia and ambition of the boys. I should at least get one or two boys who are totally devoted to cricket. The only obstacle is their parents and educational institutes. I am coaching two colleges and all of them are facing attendance problems, they have to submit assignments while playing cricket. I am a professor by profession so I know what hurdles these boys have to face.

Q: I have met a few talented cricketers who are bowling 120-125 km an hour but there is always fear in the player’s mind about what would happen to his future if he doesn’t get into the team?
A: As per the present scenario a cricket player has got really good opportunities. If you play more than ten Ranji trophies you earn more than 10 lacs. You can participate in English, Sri Lanka and South Africa tours. There you can earn a lot of money, the only thing is the inertia. There is a lot of scope for them.

Thank you sir, thank you for the interview and we hope that we get much better fast bowlers.

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