Sri-Lanka versus New Zealand World Cup Cricket Match Predictions

The details illustration of this match is given below team-wise
Its compound and prime numbers and the planet concerned impacts considerations regarding Sri-Lankan team are as follows:

  • Compound number [31] – This is not a very lucky number, as it has uncertainties in its nature. This number how gives order and systematic control to its object. It gives potential for success to its object, hence Sri-lanka will give good fight to New Zealand on Friday at Mumbai.
  • Prime number of Srilanka : 31=3+1=[4], related to planet [URANUS], symbol of high emotion and up/down, not constant, but hard work and practical experiences of SL may give an edge over New Zealand.

Assessment of NEW ZEALAND
Its compound and prime numbers and planet behaviors on fate of NZ given below.

  • Compound number: [42], This is fortunate number, it promises the assistance and association of those who related to it.
  • Prime number: 42=4+2=6, which represents, ‘VENUS’, famous for favorable future events. Lucky day for this planet is Friday and this match will take place on Friday.

Overall Findings

  • After beating Pakistan and Canada, the moral of N Z has gone very high and a toughest match would be seen on March 18 at Mumbai, Uranus would never allow its object Sri-Lanka may taste its 2nd defeat
  • ‘Venus’ will give enough magic power to New Zealand to defeat the enemy, hence stiff fighting might be seen.
  • Chances are SL-51% and NZ-49%, very closed contest anticipated.

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  1. admin says:

    Sri Lanka thrashed New Zealnd by more than 100 runs – no way close match.

  2. Noreen says:

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